Adventures of Robin Hood: Book Review

This is the book my librarian sir recommended during our library session. Sir also said that it is very nice. I had the book before, but I had not read it. I did not read the book because the cover page was not very nice. The book has 7 stories.

Let us dive into the story. Let me introduce you to the main Character. If you see the title you might have a guess. Yes, you are right. It is Robin Hood. He is kind-hearted. Oh! sorry I forgot to tell where he lived. He lives in Green wood Forest. If you read the book you will know how he helps other who poor. Okay, now let me tell the 1st that is a funny part. 

The first story is about the Robin Hood and the Little John. You might have thought who Little John. I will tell you he was also a kind-hearted man. You might have also thought that he is a little man. No, he is not but you will not know how big he was. He is a giant. Not too big but little, smaller. But got name “Little” To know all the stories read the book.

Anagha Iyer 6B

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