Unni's Story - Book Review by Nia Muralidharan, 5 D

During summer vacation, I read a wonderful English story book titled “Unni’s Story”. 
This story is written by Vinitha Ramchandani and illustrated by K.R Raji. The ISBN of the book is 978-81- 264-2144-2. The cost of the book is US $ 2.99. This book is published by DC books. 

There are
about 30 pages in this book. The main characters of the story are Unni, Diyamol, Muthashi, Kesavan and Beenama. I liked Diyamol most because she showed love and kindness to Unni an elephant.  Diyamol finds a baby elephant in trouble and takes it to her home. Due to some sort of problems, she tells it to go back. And after many years, she finds it again. I was so happy when they met. I was overjoyed with emotion. 

There are few Malayalam words in this story book like Amma, Muthashi, Pappan, Vaidyan etc. The meanings of those words are shown at the end. This book contains colourful pictures too. Diyamol taught
me the quality of showing kindness towards animals. They too have feelings like us. I’ll definitely recommend this story to my friends. It’s a suitable story for children. I really liked this book.

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