This book that I have read is by K V Thikkurishi. This story has started with a king called Bhojarajav he will dig and get a throne in that throne there are 32 steps in 32 steps there are 32 wooden dolls after getting on each step the wooden dolls will tell the stories of Vikramadithiyan.
This story is about a King named Vikramadithyan and a vedalam and Vikramadithyans brother named Bhatti. Vikramadithyan has caught a betal in Malayalam that is Vedalam from a tree and then he laid it on his shoulder the vedalam will tell some stories after the stories the vedalam will ask a question
but Vikramadithyans answer will be wrong so the vedalam will get freedom and will go to that tree this happened again and again.
After telling some stories Vedalam will tell his story that he got a curse from Lord Shiva and become a Vedalam to get freedom from the curse is to tell stories for Vikramadithyan after telling all stories he will get freedom. After getting freedom he has become the vehicle of Vikramadithyan.
There is a special in this book this book is a story in that story vedalam will tell a story in that story there will be a story and goes on it's very interesting to read this book.
In this book, I like the character of Vikramadithyan because he is very mindful, helpful and he will sacrifice his life to anyone and I like the character of vedalam because he will tell so many interesting stories and he will do anything for Vikramadithyan.
This book is published by Universal Press in Trivandrum. There are 466 pages in this book and 102 chapters. I will recommend this book to my friends, family members . This book is published in many languages. This book is suitable for 10 years and up because all will like this book.

Aswin Dev D S 6 A

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