Book Review: Geronimo Stilton AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS

Acc. No.- 12612
Date of book issued - 26/8/2023
Date of book returned- 7/8/2023

I read this book,which is the Classic Tales of Geronimo Stilton.This story,by it's name itself,is about travelling the world in eighty days.A rat named Phileas Fogg did a bet in 1872,London,Uk.In his journey,he went to the places like- Suez,Bombay,New York City [NYC] etc. When he was preparing to go and went,the British/London bank was robbed and lost fifty-five thousand pounds.The police checked and they got the information as if Phileas Fogg was the thief.So detective Fix wa spying on Phileas Fogg and his butler Passepartout.They,means Fogg and his butler,almost got caught in India for wearing shoes and walking into the temple by the butler.Afterall,it was Fix's plan to catch them but Mr.Fogg gave them back a large sum of money in exchange for not getting put in jail.Also,it was Fix's plan to delay train in India which made Mr.Fogg and Butler lose more days.In India,A prince of a city died and his princess was crying about his death and also she have to give money to the people.So,Mr.Fogg and butler took the Princess named Aouda to train in hope of journey back to England.They had to take a ship to reach Yokohama,Japan.They travelled successfully to Liverpool via a ship.But,Fogg's time was running out.And then,detective Fix said "You're under arrest" to Mr.Fogg but to later realise that the actual person was arrested three days earlier.Fogg was released but Passepartout realised that they-Means Fogg,lost winning by a whisker.Even losing it,Fogg was very calm person.Passepartout thn realised that the calendar was wrong and in fact,they still had five minutes.They quickly ran to the Reformer Club and Mr.Fogg won the bet.

Luck was always with him.I see that Mr.Fogg was a very calm person and due to his patience,luck stayed with him winning his bet.I liked the story.Thanks!

Name- Farzin.F
Class & Section- 7B

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