The end makes you wait for more but still it's the end. A good thriller I must say. The suspense chokes you for a few minutes.

It's about a psychic woman named Alicia who murders her husband. The police find her holding a gun. Then after that she doesn't talk. She moved to The Grove (a therapy place). She was a painter, who expresses her emotions through canvases.

Theo, a man who is a psychotherapist in this story. He moved to The Grove as he was very interested in the case of Alicia. He wanted to help her and make her talk again.

The story starts with Alicia's Diary. She wants to write something in the diary but she is resisting herself not to write it. Theo who is interested in her case wants to know why she murdered her husband and why she doesn't talk after the murder. He has seen every artwork of her. They start the therapy but Theo is the one who talks, she just stares at him. Once she attacks him that's the only reaction he got from her physically.

They both shared the same childhood - abusive fathers. Theo starts to investigate her life. You may think it's her art gallery friend Jean-Felix and her brother-in-law Max. She mentions in her diary that someone is stalking her. She gives the diary to Theo. Then opens up to him and starts talking to him. Theo finds out his wife is cheating on him. One day he follows her and finds them both. Theo follows the man to his house. To only find he has a wife. One day, he goes there but doesn't do anything. He just wants to tell the man's wife what is happening. 

After this happens, it's a mystery cause reading and finding out is better to feel emotions and the story than reading this. 

"The person you may think has done it isn't the person who does it."

Vismaya R, VIII A

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