The Trip to Thasrak by Arinjay Dasbhadra, 6C

We started our journey from school at 9.30 am. We waited till it was time to start. We picked up some more students from other stops. We went on a school bus as it was a holiday for the other students of our school. Some of my friends said that they expected a tour bus. They were quite sad because of it. 

First, we went to Thasrak. We went through lush green paddy fields. On the bus, I sat with my friends Rupak, Arjun, Prassana and Aman. We finally reached Thasrak. There was a gate in front of which we took photos. There was a statue of O.V. Vijjayan. We went to a small room where we saw some images of O.V Vijjayan. After that, we went to an auditorium Where a person explained O.V. Vijjayan’s childhood, his first story, and his most famous story, Khasakinte itihasam. 
We also saw a documentary about O.V Vijjayan. After that, we went to a gallery that had images of O.V Vijjayan, beautiful paintings painted by him, funny comics written by him, and also artistic calligraphy made by him. After that, we went outside and had lunch. After that, we roamed around the beautiful campus.

After some time we went back to the bus. Now we went to the Mathrubhumi book fair. While we were going we took a wrong turn and literally wasted 30 minutes. It was a huge book fair. I bought a book called "The Sun and The Star" by Rick Riordan and Mark Oshiro.  Me and my friends played a prank on Prassana. And Prassana got very mad. We had to say sorry a lot of times to him. After that, we returned to school.

Arinjay Dasbhadra, 6C

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