Robotics Lab Visit

Our robotics lab visit was conducted on 23rd Mar 2024.
We went to the Inker Robotics lab to see a few robots.
The Inker robotics lab had many robots which I was excited to see. They had many types of robots, like robotic arms, hospitality robots, farming robots and many more.
I went to see the industrial robots first. We saw many robotic arms. We even got to operate them. The robotic arms looked very cool.

Next we went and used a VR headset. In the VR, I was on a roller coaster. It looked very realistic and also kind of scary.
After that we saw a few hospitality robots which can interact with us and navigate around the room by itself. They can interact with us. They also talk.
Next was AI and IOT where we saw many sensors and also a virtual piano. It detects your hand and plays the note. We also saw a farming robot which can plant and water crops.
Lastly, it was prototyping. We saw and learnt about 3D printers. Some can print chocolate also.
The robotics lab visit was very fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it.

-Neerad P K

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