Visit to Inker Robotics and ST. Thomas Library - My Experience

Our trip was on 23rd march. We had to reach school at 7:45 to take the attendance. We went to our buses and started our trip at 8:00. Our first destination was the Inker Robotics lab. When we reached the lab, they told us about them and divided us into five groups. 
First, we went to the VR section where we wore a VR headset and went on a roller coaster ride. After that, we went to the Hospitality robot section where we could interact with two robots that can help us in delivery which had motion sensors and cameras with which they could move around the room. Next, we went to the AI and IOT section where we saw and learned about many sensors. We saw a virtual AI piano which we can play using our hands. We saw a drone and a robot that can be used for agricultural activities. Then, we went to the Prototyping section, where we saw many different kinds of 3D printers and learned about them. Lastly, we went to the Industrial Robots section, where we saw many robots arms and learned about different robots like dobot, cobot, etc. 

After the Inker robotics visit, we went to visit the ST. Thomas College’s Library. The library was huge and had many floors and a lot of books. Most of the books were pretty old. There were many places where we could sit down and read. We saw the storage area which I liked the most because it was cool to see the two bookshelves opening when we turned the wheel. Then we went to a hall which looked like a theatre and saw a video about the college, then we listened to a speech by the principal of the college and then we listened to the Librarian who showed us a PPT and told us many things that I did not know about. The visit to the Inker Robotics lab and to the ST. Thomas library was very good and I liked it very much.

Aman Rahman 6A 

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