Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS

This book provides a overview of BTS music while also diving into each members feelings and motivations during each musical era. There are not any explosive surprises in the book for anyone who has followed their career, but it does provide additional insights into the challenges the group faced as they rose quickly to fame.

I've slowly been learning their history over the last couple of years as a newer fan, and it's nice having one book that puts all the pieces of the puzzles together. This book is extra helpful because the physical copy includes QR codes to articles, blogs, videos, etc while the ebook includes actual links.you can watch exactly what they're talking about as you go through the book.

As someone who has been following this group closely only for two years, I think this book does an excellent job providing detailed background into their debut ,the work they put into each album and how they felt in various situations they faced, such as when they became the first kpop group to be nominated for and win an award at the billboard music awards.

I listened to their music,album by album,as they do in the book,and it was really just lovely.I really enjoyed listening to the music while reading about everything that went into the creation of each of their albums and the impact it had on them emotionally and professionally.

BTS are my inspiration and I am proud to Stan for them



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