How to Select a Good Book

  • The cover of the book is the first to check. Looks good? Go on, take it. But remember – a book cannot be judged only by its cover.
  • Go through the summary given on the back cover or inside flap. Does the book sound like something you would enjoy? 
  • Skim the text, specially look for illustrations. Good pictures will help you understand the topic better for non-fiction books and it will be an added attraction for stories and novels. Here your age also matters!
  • Check the New Arrivals Rack in the library or the bookstore.
  • Look on the recently returned bookshelf. You will get some good choices. It's a good guest that the books taken by someone else may be a good one. 
  • Get suggestions from your librarian, who would be glad to help you and may be knowing your likes and dislikes!
  • Ask the recommendations of your friends and ofcourse, discuss the books you have read.
  • Your teachers are the best sources. Read the books they might have discussed in the class. 

  • Check the credentials of the authors. If you liked a book by an author, most probably you would like his other works too!

  • Go for books published by well-known publishers. They select their books and authors judiciously. So you can rely on them.

  • Browse through the library shelves. Something will catch your eye. 

  • Read the book reviews on Newspaper, Magazines and Internet.

A Word of Caution

"No good book, or good thing of any kind, shows its best face at first"
- Carlyle

So, do not judge a book by reading just the first few pages.

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