Book name-Road to success
Author-Napoleon Hill
No:of pages-132
Publishers-Jaico Publishers

This is a book that comes under personality development.Did you ever wonder why success has been possible for some people and seem to elude others?This was the question that Napoleon Hill had in his early childhood.Hill sought the answer as to why some are successful and millions are not in the manner that no one had ever done before.this book consists of valuable writings on success.First of all we should have a definite aim in life and we have to keep in mind that "a man's dominant desire then so becomes the world of his personality".This book insists us to put some hour of everyday for holy things.Failure can happen when we don't believe in ourselves.So,we have to always boost our self confidence.Just think you are the most important person in the whole world.This will help you to realise more and more that you are a person of worth.If you have enemies who are foolishly trying to undermine you smile at them with tolerance and watch them tumble into the pitfalls which they dug for you.This book says we must BE before  we can do and we can do only to the extent that we ARE and what we ARE depends on what we think.I found this book reallly inspiring and motivating.I insist all readers club members to read this book.


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