Catching Fire-The Second book of Hunger Games

Title:Catching Fire-The Second book of Hunger Games
Author:Suzanne Collins
Number of pages:391                                            
I didn't have any order while reading the "Hunger Games' series.I read 'Mockingjay' first,"The Hunger Games second and "Catching Fire",the second book at last.I was waiting to complete the hunger games series because I had heard many saying that reading this book is must.Many authors have acclaimed Suzanne Collins for bringing out such an amazing book.The book narrates the story of the confused protagonist,Katniss Everdeen.More than 100 million
 copies of this book has got sold,according to the Wikipedia.Since this book comes under my favourite genre,I loved and enjoyed the whole 391 pages.Even though I had read 5 other books of the same type,it captured me a lot.
It includes all kinds of catastrophe,entertainment and features.The author has written the continuation of the first book unlike other books,where there won't be any story,but the small content would have been outstretched.
For kids,391 pages may be a huge amount,but if they could develop interests,the 391 pages will get finished within a few days.This book did not reach my expectations,because 'The Hunger Games' was the topmost in my favourite
lists.Since I read 'The Hunger Games' and 'Mockingjay' first,I knew the whole story of 'Catching Fire'.I recommend this book to all the young adult fiction lovers.When I considered the positive side of this book,it was unbeatable.
This book had been on the top list for a lot of days.The characters are introduced in an incomparable way.The author does not break the suspense in either in "The Hunger Games "or in "Catching Fire".This is the reason for why one is
not able to put it down.The plot or the theme is very simple or uncomplicated.There is nothing to learn from the book.I can say that each and every teenager can enjoy this book atleast a bit."Don't see the ratings on the websites,because
these are just spoilers."This book was bought just a few months ago,so read this before anyone else does.Life will completely change once you start reading these kinds of fictions.Look at the beneficial side ,and enjoy reading books.
"A book is a dream that you hold in your hands".....

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