Club Report- 16.07.2016

CLUB REPORT – 16.7.2016


The Saturdays are always a new day to behold because of the club activities and today was one such day.
The day began with the announcement that all readers' club members from class 8th to 10th were to assemble in the LCD room, as mysterious and intriguing the announcement was, it was enough to stir up some excitement in us. "What could today's club activity be about?" was the main thing in every one's mind. One interesting thing that I saw was that Mujib sir was also very eager in today's session which got our hype up too.

The focus of the day was on the various online domains of the library and how the students could be a part of the ever-growing digital realm. Sir made us aware of how we could make use of the online services of the library to post our ideas and reviews and make them available to a wide variety of people. But mostly Sir also helped in bringing down the misconceptions that most new members had about the readers club and the Library rules too. Sir also pointed out the various new additions to the library and scholastic world websites. One very noteworthy quality of all of Mujib sir's classes are that all are infused with a little bit of humor and they never bore you (Hands up those who agree with me!). Along with this, the session also helped the students learn about how they could post a review on the school blog. The main significant message that we got was that if we are really passionate about something, then any obstacle that comes in our way can be overcome.   

"Every day is a new day" was the main line that really inspired me today to write today's club report and I hope I have done justice to what all of you witnessed today. I end on a hopeful note that everyone would actively contribute to the library activities.

 All the best for your upcoming exams guys!!!

- Yeshwant P
  IX D 

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