Watch Out - Meet the Author Malavika Rajesh

Malavika Rajesh, the author of the book Watch Out , at the age of 12, now 13.
She came to our school to address the Readers Club members because the theme of the book and the theme for us for this year, is Cyber Security. She is a native of Palakkad,studying in Dubai.
"I wrote a poem when I was five. It went like this, I bought a fish ,from the kish,and it ended up in a dish. I know this is not the Charles Dickens type, but i still managed to write one".
This was the sentence that caught my attention. Her speech was fabulous and especially the words. Even though I listened to the speech,what I was looking forward to was her wordings, phrases and how she put  it.
My friends Lavitha and Varsha interviewed her [even though I wanted to be the interviewer, I listened] and she answered them, well.

If this is our Cyber Safety program, I am looking forward to it that anyone else.

Liya Ann Mary
9 B

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