The Godfather

The Godfather   - By Mario Puzo

The Godfather is a crime thriller written by Mario Puzo. It is one of the world’s master piece. In this story, the main characters are Vito Corelone, Michel , Kay Adams, Sonny and Tom Hagen.

Vito Corelone is a person who runs olive oil business in Italy. He is a don too. He was respected by all and he was considered to be everyone’s Godfather. He helps the poor people with essential items that are required for living. Don Corelone [Vito Corelone] never believed in drugs.

One day, Sollozo [  member of Turk family : another group of mafia] requested Don to distribute drugs. But Don Corelone refused. So, the Turk family [also known as Tattaglia family  ] became angry with Don Corelone and they started making plans to ruin Don’s family. Other than Tattaglia family Barzia and Fedrizo family are angry with Don Corelone for some reasons.

One day ,Sollozo decided to take revenge on Corelone and Sollozo made some of his men to kill Don Corelone. Knowing this, Don’s children Michel and Sonny puts up plan to kill those mafia’s who had killed their GODFATHER. In the middle of killing their enemies many of the members of Corelone family gets killed. Sonny, Don’s son also gets killed by Barzia family. Michel decided to put revenge on another mafia’s who has killed Sonny. While killing their enemies Michel experiences lose ,sad, death, life and love. Michel gets help from one of his bodyguards named Albert Neri for killing their enemies. After their constant fights , Michel also gets shoot by one of the mafia of Barzia family.

My opinion: I loved this book very much. While reading this book , we have a feel of thrill and fear . Mario Puzo is a writer who makes you want to grab the next person you see and say ‘read this!!!!’.

By Smriti.PT
9 A

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