Cinderella - Book Review by Drisya DP

I like the book because of the kind Cinderella. Several times I had read the story; reading the story is pleasure to me. All through Cinderella is push over she is cute and lovable, always sweet. I knew it is one like a heart giving girl. Her mother dies, and her father married a lady who have 2 children. All of her stepsisters and stepmother is very cruel to Cinderella, but she loving them. 

I think it is a real story of Cinderella. Cinderella real name is Ella.one day her stepsister and step mother was going to royal ball. she wants to go to royal ball but her step mother did not permit them. then she goes to back of house and cry. Then the god mother help Cinderella. the god mother why is you crying. The Cinderella said that I can`t go to royal ball the god mother helps her. The Cinderella has gone to royal ball. Read the story to know what happen that story.

Drisya DP
Class VI B

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