Dust on the Mountain - Ruskin bond: A review by Smriti P T

I have heard a lot of things about Ruskin Bond – he is an author, poet and so on. Ruskin Bond is one of my favorite author. In our school library, a lot of books written by Ruskin Bond are available.
This book named Dust on the Mountain consists 88 short-stories. His experiences in various places, his meeting with Rudyard Kipling and Sherlock Holmes is written beautifully in this book. And I can’t believe that I have finished reading this book which contains more than 600 pages!!!

The stories like Tiger in the house, The Fight etc. creates a nostalgic feeling in my mind and it reminds me of my previous classes – seventh and eighth standard. Because, I have studied those stories in my previous classes. One of the most important thing we must have while reading Ruskin Bond’s books are IMAGINATION. Then only we can enjoy the story.

First story in this book – Untouchable is written when the author was just 16 years old. The feeling of fear and anxiety a child have during thunderstorms and lightening is described beautifully. The other stories in this book are : The Daffodil case, The man who was Kipling, The coral tree, Train stops at Deoli, Time stops at Shamili, The Fight, Tiger in the house, A case for Inspector Lal, Listen to the wind, Grandfather’s trees grows in Dehra, Grandfather’s many faces, All creatures- great and small, As Binya passes by, Chachaji’s funeral, What is your dream?, Love is a sad song, Masterji, The last tonga ride, Sita and the river, The garlands on his brows, A face in the dark, The eyes have it, The leopard and 66 more !!!

It is quite difficult for me to tell which story I loved the most because all stories are written beautifully. Wishing to see the author’s birth place- Dehra. I loved this book very much! May god bless Ruskin Bond with peace and prosperity.

By Smriti.PT, 9 A

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