Our Trip to Thasrak - Ibnu Hibban, VI A

 It was a cozy second Saturday. We were all sleeping in our beds. All of a sudden my sleep broke. I went back to sleep, just then I remembered that I have to go to school today. “Oops” I forgot to introduce my name. “I am Ibnu Hibban S of Class 6 from K V Kanjikode”. And today we, the luckiest of the luckiest students of Readers Club, were visiting Thasrak, the place where Shri O.V.Vijayan wrote the famous Malayalam novel “the Legends of Khasak”
I was with my best friend Aman who you may understand as a nerd. Reader and leader of books.
I reached the school by 9:15 am. My friends were all sitting in the bus waiting for me to come. Our bus started at 9:30 am and reached there by 10:00 am. We all had a selfie after we reached there which I have shared already with you. After that we went to photo library where we saw some of his pictures. Then we had an interaction session with its manager. He told us many things like O.V.Vijayan’s life, his childhood, his family, his teachers, how he wrote this book etc. Then he showed us documentary of his life but we could not see it fully as it was long. 

Then he took us to the place where more of his photos and cartoons were kept. Then some of our friends brought the calligraphic post cards as mementoes. I did not have money with me that’s why I could not buy it myself, but my friend noel bought it for me. I was thankful to him. Then we went down to eat lunch. Many of us have bought many food items for lunch. My mother packed ghee rice and cauliflower curry for lunch. She also packed some dark fantasy cookies for snack.  

After I had my lunch I and my friend Aman with his father visited the pond which is from this memorial.  Mujib sir told us that the way we went were fully carved of stones statues from his book. 
After that Mujib sir took us from to Mathrubhumi Book Fair which is in Indoor Stadium. As I told you earlier too I had no money so I requested Mujib sir for some money. He told that I take the book I want and he would call my father and he would come and pay the money. I looked for good books and I caught one. “The Legends of Khasak”. By the time I took my book my father reached there and paid the money for the book and picked me from there and dropped back home. I reached home by 2:00pm. Thus my journey ended happily.

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