The Readers' Club Tour to Thasrak - NISHCHAL R

First of all, the trip was enjoyable and memorable. Me and my friends were so excited about this tour. At 9:30 we started from our school, we ate a chocolate when the bus moved 0.0001 meter, like an inauguration. But the sun was towards us . So, because of the hot, I said to my friend there's a seat free in the other direction of the bus. But he said it's ok and the sun will go into the other direction whenever we turn on the road in a couple of minutes. I agreed to it. At 9:58, we passed through a big gate ( without a gate) to Thasrak. On the way, we saw rivers , birds, trees , greenfields . Wow! what a beauty. 

At 10:03 we reached Thasrak. In a line we went inside. We took many photos one by one. After that we went inside a room of a small and old house, which was a photo gallery. We saw many photos of O.V.Vijayan . Then we went to the auditorium of O.V. Vijayan. The manager of the auditorium and introduced himself. He said everything about O.V.Vijayan. After a longtime, his story ended. Then we went upstairs to the cartoon gallery. We saw many photos of O.V.Vijayan and some drawn by him. It was nice. Then we went down to see the monuments. Then teachers said we can eat our lunch now. It was a crowd and I don't like to eat in that way with people around me. So me and my friend went to the garden, under a shade and ate our lunch. Then we went to the book fair. I had only 100 ₹ and I searched a lot for my budget. After spending 2 hrs there we went back to school. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you sir for your big heart !!!!! 🙏

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