Scienece Skit Feedback Contest - Prize Winning Entry 3

This program was indeed an eye opener. Most of us were unaware about our Indian Scientists. We consider science as a boring subject without knowing the beautiful interconnection between the science theories. I used to think why there are only a few Indian Scientists. But today I got the answer. We should be the next !

When Sir Oppenheimer was invited, I was enraged by thinking how can this man destroy a large human population. But by the end I get to know the fact that inventions are made for the development but its responsible usage matters.
When Shri Homi Baba was invited, I was so excited to hear what he was going to speak upon. But I felt sad by knowing that most of my friends, even as science students hearing his name for the first time! But I am sure after this skit most of them have got a handful of knowledge with them.
As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam mentioned, we the future generation have to join our hands together to raise our developing country to a ‘Free’ ‘Strong’ ‘Developed’ Nation.

12 B

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