Trip to Thasrak - Diya Sherin

This is a trip from our Reader’s Club. Reader’s club members as well as interested members from other clubs also had joined us .
We started from our school at 9:30 on a very fine morning on 13th, a second Saturday. It was a holiday for all of us. Firstly, after coming to school I reported to our beloved Librarian Mujib Rahiman Sir and marked my attendance . Then after entering the bus we awaited for more than 20 minutes then we reached our first destination which was OV VIJYAN ‘S SMARAKAM or THASRAK. Honestly, it was a well maintained and preserved house . I had nostalgia when I saw that house because I had a house like that before. When we went to the traditional house firstly entered the photo gallery which had many old pictures of Sir OV VIJAYAN . There were many other rooms like live theatre and Cartoon Gallery but it was locked. We also had a photo session. 
After that the manager took us to the auditorium and told about OV VIJYAN ‘s past days to us . The guide for us was Mr . Aravindakshan. He had a connection with us because his son studied in KV Ottapalam. He was a manager in ITI. His son was a commander in First Submarine Nuclear in India . OV VIJAYAN ‘s orginal name was OTTU KALAYAL VELLUMKATTI VIJAYAN . He did his schoolings from Malappuram , Victoria college etc .But as a child OV VIJAYAN suffered from illness He got help from his father’s friend’s son who was a student in BA English. Actually I thought OV VIJAYAN ‘s Smarakam was here because he was born here but I was wrong actually his sister Santha ‘s house was  here when OV VIJAYAN came there for a 20 days’ vacation he liked the place and started to write from here he also had faced many threats from author authors and accused him of stealing from a Marathi novel . He was devastated when he found out this. And after his death in 2005 the Govt of Kerala and the Chief Minister of that time demanded to build this memorial. VERY IMPORTANT THING -OV VIJYAN WAS BORN IN THE 1930S.
After the session we went to the galleries up on the auditorium it had many awards, letters, cartoons, paintings made by him and I also bought an inland cover and a calligraphy painting from there THIS IS A PHOTO OF THE OV VIJYAN SMARAKAM .  
After that we had our lunch and headed to the Mathrubhumi Mega Book Fair in the indoor stadium . I bought myself and my parents books . The book fair had a wide range of book collection . After that I was dropped Chandranagar bypass and I went to my house .THIS TRIP WAS VERY MEMORABLE TO ME I LIKED IT TOO MUCH .THANK YOU MUJIB SIR FOR ORAGANISING THIS.


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